Difference in KSC Performance Quality and Value

Unique, and exclusive design only available from KSC Performance at an affordable price point.

Better Quality

Unlike many other merchants online, where most of them rely on multiple suppliers for their inventory, we have full control of our own manufacturing facilities, which enables us to offer better problem diagnosis, return & exchange policy, and overall quality control.

Better Value

Factory direct operation that cuts out multiple layers of business entities, which means for every dollar you spend at KSC Performance, you ALWAYS get more than you what paid for.

All inquiries are replied within 2 business day by our staff located in USA. E-mail us at KSCPerformance425@Gmail.com for more information.


ABOUT KSC Performance

KSC Performance specializes in carbon fiber components for BMW, BENZ, Porsche, Lamborghini and various other European cars. Factory Direct operation, means we offer best cost to performance ratio in the industry, you get much more for each dollar you spend at KSC Performance

Our portfolio offers carbon fiber interior/exterior components for various European luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz.  

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E-mail us at KSCPerformance425@Gmail.com if you have more questions about our team or product.