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Frequently Asked Questions




I can't find product for my car, do you have anything available?

If you do not find parts for your car, chances are, we have it somewhere in our warehouse, but we simply do not have the man power to put everything on our website now. please contact us at for inquiries. If we do not have it, we are always open for new product development opportunities.

What "ingredient" is in your performance carbon fiber parts?

All of our newer products are manufactured with Japanese Toray brand carbon fiber cloth, resin, gel coat, and coated with DuPont brand clear coat.  All material used have highest UV resistant property we can buy from our raw material supplier without mixing our own proprietary chemical mixture.

A small portion of our catalog used Formosa brand material with excellent UV protection property, while not as good as our newer products, they still offer excellent protection at the price point they are being offered at.  

How are your carbon fiber parts manufactured? 

Parts that are labeled as 100% carbon fiber, or ones that used a very small amount of fiberglass as base are manufactured with "vacuum resin infusion" technology. 

Parts with carbon fiber overlaid on ABS material are mostly hand laid and hand brushed resin, few of them are hybrid method of hand brushed resin and finished in vacuum bag for more consistent resin saturation.

Almost all high-end aftermarket manufacture uses these 2 methods, very few uses genuine dry carbon fiber produced in an autoclave, and they typically cost 5-10 times more than what we can offer our products at.

Where are the parts made?

All our Parts are made in our own factory located in Taiwan, which is known for much superior quality compare to factories in China or other southern eastern Asian countries.  

Are the parts pre-drilled or taped?

it depends on the product, but generally, newer FD products have holes already drilled for easy installation. Even older ones that requires drilling, it's really isn't that much harder than installing shelf in your garage.  All our parts are precisely molded to match the contour of your car, so all you have to do is secure the part in place by either double sided tape or clamp, drill, than install fasteners.

see our blog entries for DIY installation guides.

How are fitment of Future Design carbon fiber body kits?

We continuously improve our manufacturing process, for that reason, some of our earlier design and production may required very light modification for proper fitment. For newer production, mostly parts made for 2015+ model cars have very close to OEM like fitment.  

How are surface finish of Future Design carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber are all hand made, with unavoidable variation between each craftsman.  One cannot expect same "flatness" as painted plastic or metal parts, since those parts have a injection molded or stamped "base", with self leveling paint spray on top for a perfectly uniform finish.

very expensive process involved with an autoclave which cures carbon fiber with heat and pressure can achieve much more uniformed finish like painted surface, as you see on expensive cars like Pagani, Ferrari LaFerrari, and McLaren P1. But that process is not utilized by any (not that we know of....) carbon fiber body kit manufacture.  If any body kit company claims their parts are "auto-claved carbon fiber", it's mostly deceptive marketing jargon, unless they sell their spoiler for more than 2000 dollars. 

Future Design carbon fiber may not have the same finish flatness of painted surface, but we implemented few techniques and quality check process to make sure we provide the highest quality parts for the dollar you spent with us.  Before we ship them out to our customers, we unwrap every single product, give it a final visual inspection, touch up and polish off any imperfection may have happened during transport.  Since we own our factory instead of contract it out to various factory to full fill our catalog, any systematic quality issues discovered by us are relayed back to our manufacturing engineers immediately for continuous quality improvement.

Our 350 dollar spoiler may not look as nice as a Ferrari spoiler, but we guarantee they look as good as any other brand that cost upward of 700.

Aside from Style, what are the other advantages of KSC Performance(Future Design USA) over other brands?

We are the very few brands out there with "integrated" manufacturing division oversea, where our relationship with our factory is a partnership, instead of buyer and vendors.  Instead of relying on multiple sources to fulfill our catalog like most other brands out there, we have a single manufacture with consistent output, and "close looped" quality feedback system, where any systematic quality issue are corrected right away. 

By having our own factory oversea, but maintains full control over it also gives us pricing advantages, where we get to sell higher quality items at much more affordable price point. 


What is the best way to contact KSC Performance?

Best way is to Email us at


See "Shipping" page Link here


See Return and Exchange Policy Page

International Buyers

For international buyers, we require direct wire transfer to our bank account, and shipping rate will be individually quoted.

Still have questions unanswered by this page? please don't hesitate to contact us at  Someone will reply your message within 48 hours, excluding holidays and weekends. 

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