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F30 Shop Car Build - Front M-Sport Bumper (DIY Attempt on Driveway!)

While waiting for our new location to be finished, we figured we might as well perform this installation on our own driveway, just to show how well this kit is engineered, where it can be done with proper tools and a spare day!

This is is not an exactly replica in the sense that you don't need to as many parts as if you go with the OEM route. for example, the deformation element needs to be changed to accomidate new brake duct, but our kit is engineered to fit with deformation element meant for regular front bumper.

1. Remove front wheels. Tips on putting jack stand on front: raise car with a hydraulic jack from the REAR side rail jacking position, doing this will raise the front of car high enough to slip jack stand under the side rail for the FRONT jack point.

2. Remove forward lining inside the wheel well.

3. Remove all fasteners on the bottom that attaches to the belly pan.

4. Remove all fasteners on top of bumper.

5. Bumper Removed

6. Install fog light holder and grills to front bumper, all parts are supplied in the kit, or reuse OEM parts.

7. assembly complete on M-Sport bumper

8. Remove lower bumper stiffener.

9. Install brake ducts.

do everything in reverse, and the finished project car!!!

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