BMW M-Sport Bumper, Front Lower Lip/Splitter DIY Tips

Did you purchase a carbon fiber front lower lip for your BMW from Future Design USA but having trouble getting it mounted to the car? We have a quick DIY guide here to help you out.

The DIY guide here was based on a BMW F30 3-Series with M-Sport package, and the lip being installed is our carbon fiber V-Type lower lip/splitter. If you have other BMW equipped with M-Sport bumper, procedures are more or less the same.

Our DIY blog entry are always done by our employees on their own driveway, in our humble opinion, that's the best way to verify fitment and DIY friendliness.

Below DIY tip is for reference only, Future Design is not responsible for any damage occurred to the vehicle or parts during installation. Fitment guarantee will only be honored when installation is done by licensed professional.

Time required: 3 hrs

Difficulty: 2/5

Tool Required: Drill, drill bits set, small clamps, basic sockets, screw bits set, hydraulic jack, at least 2 jack stands, wheel choke.

Material Required: automotive grade double sided tape, #10 Size automotive self tapping body panel screws


Raise front end of car with either hydraulic jack or ramp, secure the car with jack stands and wheel choke.

Install tape close by forward edge of the lip, tape is needed for positioning purpose, so it's really not necessary to apply more than what is shown here.

Before tape is removed, have someone else hold the lip to the car, or clamp it to the car, and mark off dots like picture below for pre-drilling of the carbon fiber lip. Make sure each dot you marked will penetrate bumper skin as well.

Remove double sided tape, and carefully position lip into best fitted location below OEM bumper. Drill proper sized hole for #10 self tapping fasteners. Once holes are all drilled, install self tapping automotive screws at each location.

All done!!!!

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