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M-Performance Style Carbon Fiber Side SKirt Extension DIY on F30 3-Series

Another DIY featured post done on my driveway, just to show how easy it is for everyone to install on a weekend without fancy shop lift.

You too can install these carbon fiber side skirt extensions without removing the side skirt from the car, I removed it for nicer blog post pictures.

Drill about 10 holes for the size of fastener you are going to use on each extension, like location shown as red dots on below picture:

Few more holes (picture shown with fastener installed) at tip on the forward and rearward of extensions:

Put masking tape on side skirt and extension, so you can use sharpie to draw lines for alignment.

Once the alignment is set, have someone else hold it, or clamp it, use one of the pre-drilled hole closest to the middle, and install a fastener at that location.

Check alignment again, install front and back most fasteners, than do the same for rest of pre-drilled holes

all done!!!!

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