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Opulent Jewelry Like Tachometer on Singer-Williams DLS - Remastered 1990 Porsche 964 Modern Art

New Porsche 964 built by famous car restorer Singer Vehicle Design firm, and F1 veteran, racing firm Williams Advanced Engineering. Out of all 911s Singer have built, this is the most impressive one to date.

Like every other Singer 911s you've seen, the interior is completely redone to owner's specification, almost every surface you see or touch is covered in either fine yellow leather, machined aluminum or carbon fiber trim pieces. The most impressive part of the interior is it's tachometer, it looks like a giant sized fine Swiss watch piece, where every marking, and number you see on the gauge is a separate piece of part, instead of printed on, or worst (better for some....) a giant smart watch/Apple watch screen.

singer 964 DLS tachometer

Another cool feature is all the numbers on the tachometer are "floating", which shows you the extend of detail Singer put into each and everyone of their masterpiece.

singer 964 DLS tachometer

singer 964 DLS interior
singer 964 DLS interior

singer 964 DLS interior

See the rest of photos and complete write up at Jalopnik

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